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Designed With Simplicity In Mind

The complete system for your particular queuing needs.

From a basic single-window system to a multi-service & multi-window enterprise scheme.

Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket from a manual dispenser or a DIY Self Service Ticketing Kiosk.



Use cheap hardware you already have and save money


Adapt the display to your business look & feel

Quick setup

Install ezTurns by yourself and start using it in minutes



What could be easier? Get started fast casting your display to any TV and controlling it from your phone or computer.


Real customer queue solution for every business scale.


Watch customers coming in as they announce themselves through the kiosk screen.


Get continuous updates for additional functionalities painlessly.



A clean user interfase makes calling for customers a simple task


Services that your customers are looking for just one touch away


Find the busiest time of your business, reward your most efficient employees and much more...


With as many display as you need your customers will never miss their turn



Chromecast / AndroidTV / Nexus Player / NVIDIA Shield / Xiaomi MiBox

Android Tablet

Tablet with Android greater than 4.4

Ticket Printer

Use any WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Serial printer with ESC/POS compatibility

Can be replaced with a PC / Mac / Tablet

†Only needed if setting up a kiosk




per month
per year


Visitor Check-in Types

Understand the methods you can offer your visitors to announce themselves

Network/Wifi Printer

Set up a network printer and configure the ticket logo

Bluetooth Printer

Learn how to set up a Bluetooth Printer

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What do I need to start using ?

Begin by downloading the app on your Android smartphone or tablet and sign up using a business account.
This account will be shared among every device, so preferably do not use a personal e-mail address.
In case you need to, you're advised to create a new Gmail account for your business (something like my.nice.shop@gmail.com).
Follow this link in order to do so.
Consider also that is hosted in cloud servers and for that reason you'll need to have a reliable Internet connection to use it.

Q2. I have an iPhone / iPad. Can I use it?

Although there is no app in the App Store yet you can use a browser to use it.
To call for visitors go here.
To inspect statistics go here.
It's not possible to use an iPad as kiosk at this moment though.

Q3. I prefer not to use my phone to call for numbers. Can I use a computer for that?

Yes, of course. Launch Web Management in your browser by going to https://client.ezturns.com/, log in with your account and you're done.

Q4. How many phones/computers can I use simultaneously to call for numbers?

You can use as many as you need, but the amount of 'Windows' you are allowed to select depends on the subscription plan you have.


Q1. What options do I have to set up a display showing visitor's turn numbers?

• The recommended method is to use a Google Chromecast (version 1, 2, 3 or Ultra) connected to an HDMI TV.
• You can also consider getting an Android TV, as they have Chromecast built-in.
• The last alternative is to open https://display.ezturns.com/ in a browser on any computer, log in with your account and use its monitor as a display.

Q2. How do I send the display to my Chromecast?

To start the transmission tap on the icon located in the upper right corner of the app and select the corresponding device.

Q3. How do I cast to a second display?

You should first disconnect from a previous Chromecast tapping on the icon and then 'STOP CASTING' (it won't really stop).
After that repeat the same procedure from Q2 on the second Chromecast.

Q4. How many displays working simultaneously can I have?

You can have as many displays as you want, no matter what your subscription status is.
They will all update synchronously.

Q5. I cannot see the icon on my phone screen. What's wrong?

Make sure your Android smartphone/tablet and the Chromecast device are connected to the same WiFi router.
Try another app (like YouTube or Netflix) and if you cannot cast from them either check your network configuration.

Q6. Can I use on my Chromecast without a WiFi router?

You can try this alternative procedure.
Basically you set up a WiFi hotspot on your phone and connect the Chromecast to the Internet using mobile data.
It's a useful way to manage queues for a food-truck or similar businesses.

Q7. I cannot connect to my Roku / Fire TV / Miracast device. What am i doing wrong?

is not compatible with those devices, only Chromecast from Google.

Q8. How do I disconnect from Chromecast?

If you need to shut off all your displays get into 'Display Settings' within the left side menu and then tap on 'Turn off screens' at the bottom of the screen.
To stop casting on an individual TV only, open the Google Home app, select the Chromecast device and tap on 'Stop casting'.


Q1. Do I have to set up a kiosk in order to use ?

Not at all. A regular roll ticket dispenser can be placed at the entrance instead.
Of course, you won't be able to know how many visitors are waiting for attention.

Q2. I want to set up a kiosk. Do I need any proprietary hardware?

No, you'll only need a regular Android tablet and an ESC/POS compatible printer with WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth interface.

Q3. Can you sell me a kiosk?

We are a software company and we don't provide hardware.

Q4. What kind of ticket printer do you suggest to buy?

As long as the printer is ESC/POS compatible and has WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth connection capability it will work fine with .
You can also use a printer with RS-232 (Serial) interface, but in that case the Android tablet needs to be OTG compatible (most tablets are) and you're going to need a USB-RS232 adapter with an OTG adapter. A drawback of using that connection is that the tablet won't be charging while connected to the printer, as it shares the same connector.
It's preferable to have auto-cutter so your visitors don't have trouble picking up the ticket.


Q1. Can you offer me a free trial before I subscribe?

Yes! Both Basic & Pro plans have a one-time 15 days free trial for you to test the platform.

Q2. Do you offer a "One Time Payment For Life" solution?

No, but you can have a year subscription (and with a discount). Contact us at info@ezturns.com

Q3. I need more/fewer windows and/or services than what Basic & Pro plans offer. Can you fit the subscription to my business requirements?

Sure! Send us your requirements with the in-app quotation utility or write a mail to info@ezturns.com and we'll be glad to find the right solution for you.

Q4. I'm planning to use for an event that is limited in time and don't want to pay for a full subscription. What do I do?

No problem! Send us your requirements (time, windows, services, sliding images) to info@ezturns.com and we'll contact you back ASAP.


Q1. I own a shop that provides hardware for retailers/hospitals/restaurants and I'd like to sell to my customers. May I partner with you?

Sure, send us details of your activities (location, target customers, etc.) at partners@ezturns.com and we will contact you back.

Q2. What benefits do I have becoming a partner?

You'll get technical support, early updates, pre-activated accounts and you will be listed as partner on our home page.

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